Mission Statement
We     provide     holistic     care     for     patient     and
family,   so  they  can journey through  the   process
of    losing  a  loved  one  in  Comfort,   Dignity    and
Vision Statement
We    are   a    hospice    company    that    constantly
strive     for  excellence   in caring  for   our    patient
and      family     and      our    people.      We   are      an
organization   that  shares  wealth,   its values  and
supports    our    people’s   aspirations   in     life     in
allegiance      with    the    company’s    values      and
mission.    We  are  an organization  that   practices
and honors these values in all of our undertakings
including   the  choices we have to make  in    work
and in life.
• Integrity
• Dignity
• Courage
• Compassion
• Wisdom